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(Fryyearn) RELEASE 1995 - This rose has definitely got "it". Everyone who sees Bride marvels at its loveliness. With elegantly formed scented blooms of a gorgeous, soft, delicate pink - it just "oozes" appeal. Growth is vigorous and the flowers are good in all weathers. Borne in profusion on a medium growing plant which has a high resistance to disease. An excellent bedding variety. Named for the ancient village of Bride in the Isle of Man. Highly Recommended. Strong scent, height approx 80cm.

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ORDERS PLACED FOR BARE ROOT ROSES WILL BE DELIVERED FROM NOVEMBER TO MID MARCH. Bare root roses can be planted any time between end of October and mid March (weather permitting). Special delivery dates and gift cards can be arranged.

PLANT ADVICE - If planting in Autumn and Winter use bonemeal mixed in with the compost (John Innes No.3). Use rootgrow (mychorrhizal fungi) if roses have been planted there before to develop a robust root system, and fresh top soil.

AFTERCARE- Feed in early Spring with Toprose and again midsummer, mix in the soil and water well. Water your rose until it is well established. The first Spring after planting is essential, the roots are deep so water thoroughly. Once the rose is established water at least once a fortnight, more during dry spells. Potted containers need watering more regularly to keep the soil moist.

PRUNING - You can lightly prune back in Autumn if desired. Roses are best pruned in March, remove any dead, diseased, weak or crossing stems. Try to keep the centre open. Shorten back the strongest remaining shoots to approx 4-6in from the base, to the point where last year's growth began. Deadhead regularly.


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