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Gardening tips for February

This month, hope springs eternal as we see early crocus and snowdrops begin to make an appearance,giving us the push we need to start planning our summer gardens.

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

Dahlia Bishop of Llandaff

With a mass of summer flowering bulbs just waiting to be chosen ready for a colourful summer garden, a visit to Grosvenor Garden Centre is a must this month.  Would you prefer a vibrant theme or softer, pastel shades to enjoy this year, or would you like a complete change and a whole new look for your garden?
Whatever your preference, view your garden from every window and every angle now and use existing, established shrubs as a guide to identify where new colour, foliage or structure is required.

Whatever colour theme you choose and whatever the weather, you could begin your summer garden by sowing seeds indoors.  Leave them on a windowsill to germinate and you will soon the shoots of seedlings poking through.  Tender seeds will take longer to shoot and should not be planted outside until you are sure you will not see any more frosts.  These types of seeds need warmth to help them get to this stage so care for them in a propagator or warm, indoor room and keep the temperature fairly constant and high.

You could of course, miss this stage completely and choose plug plants or already germinated seedlings.  Whatever your preference, we are here to help so if you need help determining which option is best for you, please just ask.

Bulbs, seeds or plug plants?  We're here to help!

Bulbs, seeds or plug plants?

Of course, February is the month of romance and what better way to romance your loved one than with a Fryer’s rose?  Fryer’s Roses are grown in Knutsford and are the perfect gift idea all year round!

'Let there be love' this Valentine's Day

A red rose is synonymous with love and passion and has long been associated with St Valentine’s Day but there are so many beautiful shades and scents to choose from, why not choose a longer lasting Valentine gift than a freshly cut bouquet and treat your loved one to a climber, rambler, patio or standard instead?

This beautiful rose, ‘Let there be love’, is a floribunda with an irresistible beauty and adorable soft pink blooms.  Several are produced together on trusses on strong stems and is easy to grow too!

See for a fantastic choice – or visit Grosvenor and choose from our selection here.  We can of course, order your choice for you if it is not currently in stock here at Grosvenor.

Avoid pruning your established rose bushes this month but watch for any signs of disease and discard infected foliage or stems to keep further infection at bay.

Potatoes chitting on a windowsill

Potatoes chitting on a windowsill

February is the time to ‘chit’ seed potatoes (‘chitting’ is how the shoots are formed).  You do not need much space to do this and you can enjoy homegrown potatoes from simply growing them in a large pot or gro-sac on a small patio!  Obviously, the more space you have available, the more varieties you can try and of course, the more homegrown vegetables you can enjoy on your plate!  Simply choose your favourite variety of potato, remove the netting and place the tubers in the bottom of a seed tray.  Move to a cool, light, frost-free position and leave.

After the snows of January, check your brassicas are still intact and protected by netting.

Towards the end of February, plant out shallots and garlic cloves in a sunny position.  One of our top tips is to snip off the end of any dead stems close to the onion bulbs as the birds will find it harder to pull them out.

This month, encourage growth on your fruit trees and fruit bushes.  If they are already providing you with good crops, feed with a balanced plant food such as Miracle-Gro Fruit and Vegetable Plant Food for an even better crop.

Make sure your outdoor pots are always well watered – particularly if they are in sheltered spots – and deadhead winter flowering plants such as pansies for continued blooms.

Treat the birds to a new nest box or haven

Finally, February is the last chance to put up nest boxes before the tits start looking for somewhere to live. Why not celebrate National Nest Box Week (14th - 21st February) and treat the birds to a new box or haven?

It is always important to keep birds supplied with plenty of food and fresh water but even more so while it is still colder weather.  Our range of seeds, mixes, nest boxes and feeders is vast so please indulge the birds in your garden to much needed nutrition on your next visit to us here at Grosvenor.