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2011 Starts Here with Grosvenor

It only feels a short time since we were looking forward to 2010 with optimism for a productive Edible Garden and plenty of vibrancy and colour in our gardens.  And here we are looking forward to the same for 2011. 

Start your gardening diary now and keep notes of the dates and varieties of the seeds you have sown and even any problems you may have noticed throughout the garden.  Here at Grosvenor, we can advise you on any matter you may be struggling with so please don’t be shy and remember we are here to help!

Gardening is a great way to lose a few pounds whilst also benefiting from plenty of fresh air, and one of the first jobs you could do is to plant your pot grown Christmas tree in a sunny spot.  If your tree was a cut tree, recycle it by shredding it and using as mulch on your borders and beds.

Don’t wait until spring to get sowing.  Begin now by growing seeds on windowsills and choose from summer flowering bulbs here at the garden centre.  Once frosts are finished, you can begin to start planting.

Some vegetable seeds take a while to produce a crop, including onions.  But when you give them a head start and sow them in the New Year, your seedlings will have a good root system ready to plant out early in the spring.  You will need to sow them thinly and keep the tray at a temperature around 20C.

Prepare your patch of Edible Garden now by regularly digging it over and adding a soil improver ready for growing beans, marrows and peas.  Remember that areas set aside for growing root crops such as carrots and parsnips should not be treated with manure as it can encourage roots to split.

Buy your seed potatoes this month – why not go for a selection so that you have both early and late harvests?  Place them rose end up in a light, cool room so that the potatoes begin to chit, ie. produce sturdy shoots.  They will then grow quicker when planted outside in the spring.

Grapevines will need to be pruned now before the sap starts to rise as the weather becomes milder and winter flowering pansies should be deadheaded and tidied up now too.

Don’t forget that your garden needs plenty of protection during January as the weather can play havoc with plants and young trees.  Shelter them from the elements with fleece and use stakes to stabilise tender plants.

Houseplants do not generally need as much watering in the colder months, but make sure they do not dry out completely and as always, keep them away from draughts and radiators to prolong flowering.  Your Christmas poinsettias should continue to thrive over the coming weeks too.

Finally, January should be embraced as the beginning of a brand new year to enjoy your garden.  Join us again next month as we look ahead to planning for spring.

Top Tips for January
1. Start a gardening diary so you can keep your notes in a safe place
2. Plant your Christmas tree in the garden or recycle for mulch
3. Protect tender plants from Jack Frost!
4. Move houseplants away from dry heat sources such as radiators
5. Make sure your bird feeders are topped up and bird baths unfrozen.