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Grosvenor Announced as ‘Retail Outlet of the Year’

Grosvenor Garden Centre has been named Retail Outlet of the Year by the industry leading Garden Retail Awards, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London last week.

Celebrating the best in the garden retail industry and rewarding its efforts to achieve excellence across the centre, Grosvenor was a finalist in six categories including Community Involvement and Best Environmental Policy and received two further Highly Commended awards in the Best Planteria and Best Catering Facilities categories.

The awards were presented in recognition of the innovations undertaken by Grosvenor to ensure the centre continues to evolve and create an outstanding destination for visitors with excellence in every area – from the highest service levels to the range of products.  Each entry was judged independently alongside more than 100 entrants from around the country. 

“To be judged the winner of the most prestigious award of the evening, Retail Outlet of the Year, is testament to each and every member of the team here at Grosvenor.  Everyone has played a vital role in ensuring the success of the centre and to win this huge accolade is a great accomplishment,” said Iain Wylie, managing director.

“It is a great achievement to win these great awards especially as we were against ‘the best of the best’ from around the UK and to receive two further Highly Commended awards for the Best Planteria and Best Catering Facilities is the icing on the cake,” Iain continued.

These awards are the latest in a line of award wins for Grosvenor this year including the Garden Centre of Excellence accolade for a record 10th consecutive year and awards for the Greatest Living and Style and Outdoor Leisure sectors, together with Highly Commended status in the High Sheriff’s Award for Enterprise.

Gardening for the Winter Months

November is a great time to enjoy the colder snaps before the real winter sets in.  As always, there is plenty to do in the garden so make the most of your garden and prepare now for a fantastic garden next spring.

You can still plant bulbs now and prune to your heart’s content to encourage new growth and there will still be the chance to harvest your homegrown vegetables.

The month of November is the perfect time to plant or move your roses.  Prune back the stems before you dig your roses up and make sure you dig them out well away from the stem so that you keep as much of the roots as possible to ensure they take better in their new location.  Make sure you dig a large enough hole so that the roots spread out comfortably and plant at the same depth as previously and enrich the soil with a good rose fertiliser.  We have various options for you here at Grosvenor so just ask if you need any help.

Your established climbing roses will need to be pruned now and shrubs can be cut back too, especially if they have outgrown their space.  You can also lift and divide herbaceous perennials this month to encourage flowering and improve the general shape and appearance of the bush.

Caring for your lawn does not stop now that the grass does not need to be cut as regularly.  It will still benefit from a trim but make sure it is not cut too short.  Around 2” is perfect as it will keep the lawn tidy and reduce any long stems.

You can also apply a good quality autumn lawn food until the middle of the month as this will help your lawn to thicken through the colder months.   

Winter vegetables including cauliflower, leeks, spinach, Swiss chard, radishes and winter cabbage can all be harvested this month.  Root vegetables such as carrots, turnip and swede can all be lifted and stored for use over the winter months – delicious in a warming soup or casserole. 

Encourage a sweeter flavour from your parsnips by digging them up and leaving them to lie on the soil surface so that the frosts will help the starch to transform into natural sugars.  Roasted parsnips are a great accompaniment to any Sunday roast at this time of year.

Herbs should be protected against the colder, wetter weather.  Simply use a cloche as a barrier or pot the herbs and bring inside. 

Why not use planted containers to create interest by your front door or on the patio this winter?  We have a fabulous range to choose from here at Grosvenor – and what a great gift idea too!  You can also choose your selection of winter flowing plants and ask a member of the team to plant them up for you.  

You can still plant bulbs including tulips this month and this is the last chance to plant out winter bedding including forget-me-nots, primula and viola for plenty of colour in early spring.

Tender plants should be cared for indoors over the colder months and if you have a heated greenhouse, so much the better!

A handy tip to try this winter to avoid extreme temperature changes and cracking of your pots, especially terracotta, is to wrap them in sacking or bubble wrap.

Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any festive home and this is the perfect time to see wonderful chrysanthemum, cyclamen and cineraria plants.  And by potting up Amaryllis bulbs now, you could have beautiful flowers ready for Christmas.  Remember to water and feed regularly for the best blooms.

Next month we will be concentrating on preparing your garden for Christmas and bringing the outside in by helping you choose your real Christmas tree. 

Top Tips for November:

1. Begin to clear up fallen leaves and garden debris
2. Use pot feet to ensure baskets and containers are raised
3. Plant tulips now for striking floral display next spring
4. Plant winter bedding and roses now
5. Insulate pots, especially terracotta, against cracking by wrapping in bubble wrap or Hessian.