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Our August Plant of the Month - Phlox

Commonly flowering from mid-summer to late autumn, our Plant of the Month, the Phlox is one of life’s treasures.  From such a traditional, well loved species, many Phlox plants are perfect for use in your rockery.

A less structured plant than some, the Phlox suits the wilder form of a cottage garden and compliments herbaceous or mixed border planting arrangements.

Sweetly scented flowers of white ranging to pink, purple and blue hues, the Phlox is just as good for indoor flower arrangements and is a great attractant of bees and those all important beneficial insects.

Prepare your soil well before planting with a rotted compost or manure and choose a sunny spot preferably although it can thrive in a partly shaded location.  The Phlox has the added benefit of being fully hardy too – and therefore covered by our five year hardy plant guarantee!

As an upright, tall plant, the Phlox paniculata (a perennial border Phlox) in particular will need to be supported by a stake especially when planted alongside other herbaceous perennials.

As always, keep your Phlox looking its best by deadheading any faded blooms regularly.  This will encourage new growth and extend the length of time the plant will flower.

Once flowering has finished for the year which could be towards the end of autumn, cut each stem right back to the base of the plant.  Make a note in your diary to add well rotted manure at the first signs of spring for good growth next year too.

There are plenty of species and cultivars to choose from in the Phlox family so take your pick from plants best suited to pots and containers, to those perfect for the rock garden alongside alpines or as edging plants.

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